First section of the International Forum named "Influence of culture, science, literature and art of the Middle Ages on the spiritual and cultural development of humanity"

On March 31, 2021, the section titled "The influence of culture, science, literature and art of the Middle Ages on the spiritual and cultural development of humanity" was held via videoconferencing within the framework of the International Forum "Muhammad Bayram Han – the Turkmen and the Traditions of Humanism, Patriotism and Courage of the Turkmen People" in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan.

Turkmen and foreign scholars, historians and philologists, the management and teaching staff of the universities of Turkmenistan and foreign countries, as well as representatives of the national media attended this section.

The President of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan S.Toyliyev acted as a moderator.

In his speech, the Head of the Research Center for Turkmenistan of Lanzhou University of the People's Republic of China, Wang Xihai noted the importance of people's trust in maintaining peace. He highlighted traditions of humanity such as friendship, peace and cooperation as the eternal stone foundation of society. According to him, the result of this was the formation and development of the Silk Road.

In his speech, the rector of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai T. Balykbayev spoke about the great people as Abai and Muhammad Bayram Khan – the Turkmen. It was proposed to cooperate in the field of studying philosophical thoughts of Central Asian personalities, such as Muhammad Bayram Khan – the Turkmen, Abai, Ibn Sina, Yasawi, Manas and others.

During his speech, the Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations of the Osh State Law Institute of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Doctor of historical sciences B. Abytov spoke about the rich history of Osh city as an important military-strategic, trade, economic and cultural center on the Great Silk Road.

Participants emphasized the timeliness of Turkmenistan's initiative to declare 2021 – the International Year of Peace and Trust. The President of Turkmenistan underlined the importance of using the term "positive neutrality," which has global and transcontinental significance, and receives its practical implementation in the framework of multilateral cooperation.